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The Chairman of the State Committee for Communications, Information Technology and Communications Anton Gorelkin said that the Rambler News Service, which was upset by the possibility of shutting down the service "Яндекс.Новости".

По словам депутата, это эффектная инструмент поискка новостей и отличный агрегатор. "I use every day and count on what's cool in Google's better service," Gorelkin said.

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18:18February 25, 2016

Officer in office of «Yandex»

It also predicts that the information provided by the service can be "any kind of information security".

"Yandex.Novostei" shut down the Kommersant newspaper on the evening of 16 August. According to the information sources, "Yandex" considers this development as a development of the new rules in the new rules of regulation of new aggregators. In the press service, the company has commented on the news service of the newspaper.

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