Thursday , August 18 2022

How to make the first wedding anniversary of Alibasova and Shukshina? :: Show business ::


Actress Lidiya Shukshina, of course, is not the first woman in her life to be loved by her beloved Bari Alibasova. She has already married five times, she officially and has children born out of foreign relations. Yes, and with Lidiya Nikolaevna they have been in contact with them, which were previously known as "".

"I am deprived of my life, but I am married! // The Persian Shah has hair, // She has forty wives!
I want only one! // In my closest sense // I do not attract anyone … "- says Leonid Filatov's story" About Fedot Archer ". This phrase can be a reference to the wedding of young people who are no longer young. My husband is 72 years old and his wife is 80 years old!

Shukshina, in these years, is not primarily interested in sex, but Bari, as the people who know, remains strong in the eighth decade. It will hit other young people. But he is more interested in Lidice, because he claims that he is a lover.

The feelings of Bari Karimuly to Lidiya Nikolaevna are still as strong as when they were in 1994. Then, they were, first of all, on the bed. Alibekov shook his head and slammed the actress.

But the body is less than two today. According to the producer, Lidiya has such close relationships, trustworthiness and sincerity as Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, who never existed with anyone. This is the main thing!

"Today we will keep in touch," Bari told "For example, I was in Sochi in September, and Lidočka was cold in Moscow, but I always called each other three times a day. I found out from Masha, Makar (actress's daughter and grandson), she was the closest to me.

We remind you that Shukshina has many husbands – actors Vyacheslav Voronin and Vasiliy Shukshin, operator Mikhail Agranovich, painter Marek Mezheevsky … And all she taught her to love, taught her the principle of feminism.

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