Monday , January 30 2023

In Samara, the AFP has appointed a deadline for the funeral of the deceased pensioner


SAMARA, Nov. 20 – RIA News. The pension fund has settled Samara's place of residence as a result of software malfunctions, calling for its funeral. RIA Novosti reports referring to the press service of the agency.

Earlier, a resident of Samara dropped a letter to his daughter-in-law who died on May 20 from Facebook. In the letter, the woman was given social benefits for burial, which she had to pass the passport, SNILS and death certificate.

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Two months after the funeral in Kazakhstan, a man returned home

As explained in the Samara branch of SFU, the list of the dead and their relatives was broken due to the failure of the client-program hardware complex.

The relatives of the deceased have been apologized for the wrong treatment, the program error has already been corrected, and will appear in the pension fund.

Later, he explained one of the employees in the FIU, who already had a disciplinary action. According to the representative of the Samara branch of the Foundation, several families of the dead received such a letter. They all officially apologized.

Interviewed by the Agency, relatives were paid 25 kopecks at the amount of 5,562 rubles, and a letter related to the indexation was paid to 139 rubles, 6 copies.

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