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Information on the detention of a murdered investigator, Shishkina, was dropped on the street


The accused woman is under the leadership of a woman arrested in Georgia

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On November 13, police chief Lieutenant Colonel Yevgenia Shishkina, a prominent murderer of the investigator in Georgia, was detained for special cases. According to some reports, the hacker Yaroslav Sumbaev played the role of a murderer during four years.

Information on the detention of a murdered investigator, Shishkina, was dropped on the street

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

According to "MK", ​​investigator Yevgeny Shishkin died on October 10 when he went to the car in the Arkhangelsk village of the Moscow region. The investigation of this scandal was under the control of the British Chief Alexander Bastrykin. From the very beginning, the circle of suspects has been identified as the crime is related to the victim's professional activities. Over the past four years, Shishkin took part in a difficult situation with fraudulent rail tickets. The fraudulent came into the database, bought tickets, showed passport data. Then money was returned in the cashier's room.

There are 23 people in this case. The organizer Alexey Svyatkin (who for the first time had taken the criminal view of fraud) was sentenced to five years in prison by the Meshchansky court in 2015. The others were investigated, and one of the suspects, Yaroslav Sumbaev, a resident of Astrakhan, was attacked.

Lawyer Nikolay Arshinov represents the interests of two suspects – Maxim Matyushev and Yaroslav Sumbaev. Matyusheva was arrested, preventive measures were taken in custody (she was arrested for four years and a recent hearing), but Sambayev fled. He says he was hiding in Montenegro. According to some reports, over the past one and a half years, Shishkina was threatened by social networking and urgent communications. In January 2018, the investigator's car burnt.

Sumbayev was detained in Georgia. According to Arshinov, the Georgian police took part in a special operation and sent out Sumbaev on the street. The suspect will soon be extradited to his country. Arshinov intends to represent his interests – By the way, there are 65 cases in the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Fraud" and "The Organization of the Criminal Community". Sumbaev has two more articles – "The actions of law enforcement officials" and "Illegal weapon circulation".

However, the lawyer does not believe that Sumba is involved in the death of Shishkin.

Think about it – she lived in Georgia quietly, nobody searched for her for four years. Why did he need to do that? My client Matyshev believes that Sambaev can not kill a person who does not have such a warehouse, Arshinov says.

By the way, the defender saw Shishkin three times. For the first time he presented a defense task, and the police lieutenant colonel took him away. The right to defend Arshinov was finally restored through court.

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