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Lawyers accused of raping police have published a version of events & nbsp;


A 23-year-old investigator in Ufa who was involved in rape was offered the defendant's attorneys at this high-profile case.
Asliyam Khalikov, a defense lawyer representing Eduard Matveev, the chief of police in the Ufa ROVD, said police meeting was a "self-contained event" in the FMS building. The head of this building is Pavel Yarromchuk, the head of the migration department of the Ufa district, the Moscow Komsomolets.
Initially, Yurmushchuk and Matveev came to the scene, and Salavat Galiyev, the head of the Komsomol District, was joined by them. They named the familiar name of Taisiya (name renamed), which she sacrificed. The girls themselves came, their working day was over.
The interviewer told everyone

Then a woman came to Galiyev. He claimed that the victim had been drunk so far. According to the attorney, the investigator began to damage the non-negligent woman and act wrongly. As a result, together with Galiyev, the woman left the holiday and went to the "Otdyh" cafe. He did not return to the police that night.

Shortly after Galiyev, lawyers say that Eduard Matveev has abandoned the holiday. She left at 22.00. From the question of lawyers who received the victim's complaints, rape started at 22.30 and ended at 00.30.

As a result, Pavel Yarromchuk remained in solitary confinement only for the last investigator, and his lawyer said.

Her lawyer invited a friend of Yarmoukchuk at 9 pm and asked them to give them home at home. After that, the girls were at home, Yomomchuk was at home about 00.30.

Additionally, the lawyers state that the investigator had come to work the next day.

"The colleagues told Gulnar she was satisfied with her work and was planning to go to the RAM. One of her colleagues felt the smell of alcohol and warned her about it, she says, should not be in the same situation with the cook. He did not give a reprimand to the employee, he regretted it, "said Matveev's lawyer, Ruslan Ibragimov.

Finally, he says he is suffering from stomach pains to go home, said the lawyer. He was not released. Then, last night he went to Matveev, who reprimanded him for his behavior, and had some conflict. And then his word came out.

Lawyers' examination of physical injuries does not show "signs of violence" and there are no results of genetic testing yet.

The former chief of the Ufa Department of Internal Affairs and his colleagues are suspected of raping a 23-year-old investigator. Forensic medical workers were injured in the body of a victim. All accused were arrested.

Earlier, the investigator gave detailed information about the libel.

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