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Matvienko allowed all Russians to undergo medical examination :: Politics :: RBC


Working Russians of any age will be able to undergo a preventive medical examination, says the Federation Council's speaker. He said that these days should be paid as a paid vacation.

Valentine Matviyenko

(Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti)

Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko has suggested that all able-bodied Russians pay a paid leave for medical examinations, Interfax reports.

At the end of October, he recalled that a retirement age was passed on retirement dates for healthcare workers during the holidays.

"I believe that it is necessary to do this for all categories of citizens. To oblige employers, business has a social responsibility for the health of its employees, "said Health Minister Veronica Skvortsova at a meeting with senators.

The speaker of the Federation Council also noted that the healthcare system faced new challenges after retirement. He says that older people should "really enjoy a healthy and comfortable life." "Now we have to pay more attention to this direction," he said.

The recommendation of the Federation Council Speaker is a good start for the workers of organizations with weak influence of trade unions, "said Boris Kravchenko, member of the Presidential Council on Human Rights.

"In the companies that work in high-quality independent trade unions, the employer on the initiative of the employer puts such commitments into collective bargaining agreements. For those organizations that have no trade unions or are weak, such an initiative of the state works for the benefit of the employee, "he told RBC.

Oleg Babich, the head of the legal department of the Labor Confederation of Russia, believes that it is inappropriate to give personal leave for medical examination.

– What special holiday can it be? If we talk about the holidays for medical examinations, why not consider the possibility of obtaining the appropriate paid days for medical examinations in accordance with the law, "he said in an interview to RBC.

In early October, the Parliament adopted a federal law that provides two days of pre-retirement and retirement for medical examinations.

The rest of the employees are provided with one day off every three years to check their work and earnings. It is necessary to apply for the medical examination and coordinate the day with the employer.

The law was signed the day before the vote at the Federation Council and came into effect on January 1, 2019.

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