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Half of the Reddit users have told us about the most compliment they have ever had. Discussion with the user, initiated by the nickname "MostarRed" became popular in the resource.

"Men in the Reddit, Do You Never Forget?" MostarRed asked and received hundreds of options.

Lars_lars_lars1142 remembered how his father had taken his unforgettable compliment as his father created a new terrace.

"He came out and prided myself on building a terrace, thinking that he was a good job," he wrote.

Some have acknowledged the importance of commendation from strangers. The user duthgar1976 said he was trying to lose weight as a result of over 50 kilograms. Once, when he was acquainted with the outside, an unrecognizable woman invoked her after changing her.

"I am proud of you, you have lost weight," he said. "I have never seen him, but his words have helped me to maintain my motivation," says duthgar1976.

The boy remembered the pizza, when the "two mushrooms ordered" ordered him to order and then turn on the air conditioning in his car.

"It's so hot," someone explained before telling the door. "It was a wonderful day," says the historian.

Redditor506135256 said his grandmother was the main word of praise in his life before his death.

"Oh, you see, you're beautiful," said the old woman.

Another Redditte guest remembered that she had suddenly abandoned the blind. According to her, her positive outbursts were approaching her, which left a positive impression on her. Another user, Starbucks, has traditionally been happy to update his name on the glass and when he gets it, he says, "a beautiful guy."

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