Monday , January 30 2023

Microsoft develops Xbox One S without a disk drive


There are two versions of the Xbox One console – the optical drive and without it, will go on the market in 2019. According to the Thurrott edition, the news will be available in 2016.

Developers need a new console to check the market interest to discard discs. In 2020, Xbox One and PS will release a new generation game console. Thus, the company will check the interest of users on such console. In addition, the lack of a disk drive makes the console a hundred dollars cheaper. In addition, Microsoft will offer you to exchange digital media copies of physical media, but this offer may not affect all regions of the world, but only major, including the US and European countries.

The budget version of the Microsoft Xbox One console will be released in 2019 without a diskette, as the demand for physical video will be reduced every year. These people do not lose access to their libraries.

Thurrott also plans to launch the digital program of the disc, allowing owners of disk copies to become digital licenses for some games.

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