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New US sanctions will not change Russia's direction, Ryabkov said



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MOSCOW, November 8 – RIA News. The new, 63rd round of US sanctions against Crimea and the situation in Donbas will not change Russia's direction, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in Washington in an interview with RIA Novosti.

US President Donald Trump is in the state of Wisconsin
Trump told Americans about helpless Russia

"We, of course, examine the content of the decisions made today, and refer specific individuals and legal entities as we are part of the Americans who are fighting for their rights in the Donetsk region," Ryabkov said.

Previously, on Thursday, the United States imposed sanctions on three separate and nine organizations in the Crimea annexation and the Donbass case. In the end of 2017, nine AI-Petri, Dulber and Mishor Sanatoriums, as well as nine companies belonging to Yury Kovalchuk, the South Project owned by the Bank of Russia, were purchased. Acquisition of 100% of the Crimean New Wonder Beauty Winery.

"Despite the fact that the United States has repeatedly stated that it has recently been intensified, it is unacceptable to us," said a senior Russian diplomat.

Ryabkov has repeatedly noted the Russian side since 2014 that free and free choice of citizens of Crimea and Sevastopol proves that these two subjects of the Russian Federation are developing freely and dynamically in Russia, "this choice is not revoked."

The city of Sevastopol. Archive photo
The Crimean authorities have thanked the United States for advertising Crimean sanatoria

"As our enemies say, our opponents in Washington or other capitals will be opposed," Ryabkov says.

He noted that the next part of American sanctions – the 63rd place since 2011 – "will not change anything in our view and will not change our courage to follow our own path."

He did not say, "This decision is important for someone in Washington, but for someone, they pay attention to somebody's praise or someone else's pride."

"But they are very worried about us," Ryabkov said.

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