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Over a thousand rubles in the ruble, the deputy wrapped up a "ministerial diet"


Saratov, 23 Nov – RIA Novosti, Eduard Demyayets. Deputy of the Krasnodar region of the city of Krasnodar region Nikolay Bondarenko completed the experiment in the frameworks of a month in a month to transfer to the amount of 3.5 thousand rubles after the "macaroni" in the former minister of labor, employment and migration of the region Natalia Sokolova.

Deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma Nikolai Bondarenko. Archival photo
Saratov deputy said that the problem with the menu of "the ministerial diet"

В следующих в октября на YouTube, the video was released by the Sokolov and Bondarenko MPs, who live for a month in a lifetime. The boss said that 3.7 thousand rubles were ready for "minimal physiological necessities" and "macaroni will stay alive all the time." Sokolov was later sent to the resignation, and Bondarenko started the experiment on October 24, in the frames of which he decided to spend more than 3,5 thousand rubles per month. The deputy explained that the first three experiments were over six kilograms per hour.

"Вчера was the last day," RIA Novosti Bondarenko said, thinking that it would be late in the weekend to get up and to learn how many dogs experimentally crushed.

"Do not worry, it's a bad thing, no, no," replied the parliamentarians on the issue, and could pay 3.5 thousand rubles per month.

Catherine Lakhova, the Soviet Federation of the Russian Federation. Archival photo
Blockader accuses the senator of Lakhovoye of being neutralist

By his words, he is unaware of how long he will return to the age of ten, the pleasure of the pitnya. "I shared with dietologists, doctors, tells me what to do and define the period of time that I have to do, and I want some products in bigger quantities," Bondarenko said.

The deputy does not think what will happen after the first meal of the "diet". "I do not think so," thought the ten.

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