Friday , January 21 2022

Owner of Hyundai Solaris told about cost of car maintenance


One-kilometer high cost from Hyundai Solaris was announced to experts. The study included the Korean sedan 2016, the engine segment 1.4 liters, and the 4-speed automatic transmission.

In the first year of the sedan from South Korea, it made 36,000 km. The car received a special electronic document for recording all sums spent on car maintenance.

In the first year, the driver of the car had to pay 17,441 rubles for installation of additional equipment. Another 9,906 rubles were provided for the car, and 2,900 rubles were spent for the car parking. The amount of penalties for violations of traffic rules was 658 rubles. The planned traffic inspectorate was 19,708 rubles. There are 19,817 rubles for winter tires and consumables. During the year the cost of fuel was 95,005 rubles. As Hyundai Solaris purchased for a loan, the remuneration for it was 48,967 rubles. Cost of the car is 98,054 rubles.

The car lovers spent 444 461 rubles. It was estimated that the price was cut by one way and was valued at a rate of 12.34 rubles per kilometer.

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