Thursday , October 21 2021

Printers in the Russian market have fallen after long and fast growth


Quarterly results

III quarter. In 2018, 690 350 printers, including printers, copiers and multifunction devices (MFPs), were delivered to the Russian market. This is 6.5% more than in the same period last year. However, the total cost of the devices was $ 163.28 million, 1.2% less than a year earlier.

Meanwhile, the average price of the device declined by 7.2% per year. These findings are from the IDC, which publishes the results of the relevant research.

Konstantin Makarenkov, Leading analyst of IDC Russia and the CIS countries in the third quarter of 2018 immediately reduced the supply of several categories of printing equipment, as the ruble depreciated significantly against the dollar and the euro. "The market is very sensitive to currency fluctuations, the sales channel is acting with caution, and significantly reduces the purchasing power of the equipment when there are negative trends in the ruble exchange rate," the expert said.

Segment results

In the third quarter of 2018, if we talk about the cost of the laser printing equipment, we have a 5.4% annual growth rate.

The supply of monochrome laser units has decreased by 29.9% in the category of devices with a speed of 21-30 ppm per minute. The category of 45-69 pages per minute decreased by 1.1% and reached 91.6% to 14.6%.

The growth of printers in the Russian market has been replaced by a fall

At the same time, the number of devices in the monochrome technology has increased: at a speed of 1-20 ppm at 73.3%, at speeds of 31-44 ppm at speeds of 7.5% and ppm – 82.5% at 70-90 speeds.

As for color printing, the supply of equipment in this segment has also decreased in several speed categories. Print speeds declined by 69.7% at speeds up to 1-10 ppm per minute at speeds of 11-20 per minute – 21.2%, and speeds of up to 31-44 ppm per minute – 0.8%.

At the same time, color printing speeds from 21 to 30 ppm per minute increased by 60.5% per minute at speeds of 45-69 pages per minute, up to 27.8% at 70-90 pages per minute, 91 ppm. – 12.5%.

Marketing Technologies in the III quarter. In 2018, annual growth was 8.7% in units and 3.5% in cash. Positive dynamics was observed in all categories, and in this category it decreased by 50.5%, with the exception of about $ 200-300.

Previous periods

According to IDC data in the II quarter. In 2018, the market of Russian print media was annually up by 3.3% in units and 17.1% in cash. In total, 516540 printers were delivered to the market at $ 141.67 million, with an average price increase of 13.4% compared to the previous year.

The market's growth was due to the fact that analysts observed the positive dynamics observed in 2017 as well as the low interest of manufacturers to the basic level of equipment, as the device does not sell consumable materials after the purchase.

By the end of 2017, 2.4 million printers, printers and multifunction printers were delivered to the Russian market, which is 5.7% more than in 2016. The cost of the equipment was 592,65 mln. USD – 18.5% more than last year. The market showed a sharp rise in the third quarter. In 2017, the money supply grew by 34.6% – the positive trend was observed in the fourth quarter and increased by 9.1%.

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