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Renault Logan is the most renowned brand brand on the secondary car market & nbsp;


Renault Logan is the most popular brand in the automobile market
Among the Renault models Renault Logan is the most popular car market in Russia, according to Avtostat Info.
In the first three quarters of 2018, Russian buyers purchased 54,713 "Logans", which is 5% more than last year – 52,096 units. auto. Renault Duster ranks second among the Russians in the ranking. In the reporting period, 20 719 units were sold in Russia in January-September. Renault Duster branded car, which is 26% more than sales for the same period last year (16 396 units). Renault Sandero ranks third among Renault: 19,763 vehicles, up 19.4% more than the previous year (16,558 units). Renault Megane and Renault Fluence are five of the most popular French brands in the secondary market. Renault Megane re-sale sales volume decreased by more than a quarter to 2.4% and amounted to 14,951 units. cars, as well as the sales of Renault Fluence, on the contrary, increased by 4.4% and made up 6263 units.
Among the most popular Renault models, Renault Symbol (Renault Laguna (2574 units, -5%), Renault Symbol (5938 units, 5.7%), Renault Megane Grand Scenic (5011 units, +2.2%), and Renault Koleos (1846 cars, + 33%).

Experts reported that AvtoState Info sold 136,417 Renault cars in Russia in three quarters of 2018. This is 8.8% more than the number of cars sold during the same period last year (125,343 units).

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