Thursday , August 11 2022

Russia 's New Samsung Smartphone and Strike iPhone – Rossiyskaya Gazeta


The flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note9 will start selling in Russia two weeks ago. For the past ten years, it lost more than 20 percent of the cost, the market for data acquisition. Hi-tech

Right, even if the newest smartphone Samsung has reached a price of more than 90 rubles, it can now be up to 70 thousand. Rebecca, you know, will do it with a very good modification – with 512 GB of memory.

Whether or not it is a hard-working, though, the Apple iPhone 5 Plus is a brand-new exterior of iPhone. If you go back to the 64-gigabyte modem on your device, you can purchase up to 65 thousand rubles, and you can only buy 50 thousand rubles for a 25 percent discount.

In this category, Russian flag models are available with flagship models LG V30 +, OnePlus 6T to 128/256 GB and other manufacturers.

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