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The daughter of Mikhail Zadornov responded sharply to the wise sages


10:53, 11/19/2018

Elena Zadornova said that she is the main source of inspiration for her father.

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Famous satirist and humorist Mikhail Zadornov died on November 10, 2017. Mikhail Nikolaevich was 69 years old. The painter was treated for cancer for a year, but he could not overcome the terrible illness. The nightmare left her 27-year-old daughter Elena Bombina and her daughter Elena In addition, after the death of a satirist, mass media began actively It is the theme of Zadornov's Marina Orlova "Zhas Mura". The actress spent the tour together with Mikhail Nikolaevich as he had two rooms. Besides, Zadornova and Marina Orlova say that the relationship between employees has gone beyond the limits. The actress did not comment on such thoughts, but Mikhail Nikolaevich once told him that he had abandoned the message.

Yesterday, after a long silence, Zadornova's daughter, Elena, responded harshly to the women who called her father's muses. He posted a microblogging video on Instagram, where he poetically protested. «Dear musicians, all your complaints are disobedient to me! They are at the bottom of a heavy burden and do not want to leave the heart. Maybe you lack PR, I'm stupid, but I need to pay attention to the market, the words are not in vain, " – says Elena.

Her daughter, Zadornova, said her father was a good man, but it is not the merit of women who want to be famous for their satirist's popularity. According to Elena, her only heritage is her own: "Perhaps you are stubborn. But I can not hide the mystery and hide Zadornov, and I must say openly, there is only one museum – it's mine.

The daughter of Mikhail Zadornov responded sharply to the wise sages

We note that on the first anniversary of Mikhail Zadornov's death his friends and relatives gathered at the first night studio program to respect the name of satirists and share unknown details in his life. For example, Elena Bombina was interested in her husband's young love. Friends of Mikhail Zadornov also did not believe in the truth. "I'm glad to say that," says Elena Bombina. – What is an unwelcome writer? Throughout his creative years, Mikhail has invited young performers and performers to their performances. He learned from them and taught them. But some of them have the honor and dignity of Mikhail Nikolayevich, while others work in black PR. The theme of music is personal pleasure and irony. Obviously, these girls are not very talented, so they talk about Mikhail. "

Mikhail Zadornov's daughter and widow do not accept several million heritage of satirist

Mikhail Zadornov's family

Marina Orlova, who did not take part in the shootings, told journalists that she did not really understand why the widow of Mikhail Zadornov had caused such a bad news. "You do not have a single record, we have a conversation. Even though I was his heir, they did not say anything to me. Mikhail Nikolayevich was really frightened and focused on me, but he never let himself be over. For Elena, my name resembles a red cloth. The wise woman says she is not disturbed by the fraud of journalists. And on the contrary, he goes to provocations, trying to harm me, discriminates me, proves his superiority, which is of interest to the press. Why? "The 32-year-old actress complained.

Marina Orlova

Let's remind that in October 2016 the mental illness of Mikhail Zadornov was put on display. The satirist had to abandon all the projects and sent all his forces to fight a serious illness. At the end of November 201, Zadarov was operated in Germany, but the treatment did not work. However, Zadornova and her relatives did not spread information about her illness and how she was treated. Moreover, Mikhail Zadornov and his relatives try to stop talking to the publisher about the illness of Mikhail Nikolayevich, a satirist.

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