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The four badges you want to hide from someone


Body language has a lot of information. You can learn a lot about people if you learn to understand it correctly.

Usually, people do not pay much attention to their poses, gestures, or face, because they are unconscious. It is these moments that betray his true intentions and thoughts. Those who want to hide something should not only control their language but also the language of their bodies.

The generous gift of nature gave the person the opportunity to solve non-verbal signals of the body. But nobody uses it. Why? There is no knowledge. These practices are not widespread and it is difficult to find the necessary lessons even when needed.

There are very interesting events related to body language – physicians often meet in their practice. For example, there is a case of poliomyelitis – a cerebral palsy. Of course, the young man was immobilized permanently from such a serious illness. What else do you do in this situation, even if you notice and listen? He did so: he looked at his parents, siblings, and sisters, and looked at his face and his gesture. A few months later, I came up with a marvelous conclusion that even without special education, people's movement often does not coincide with their words, they have different meanings.

This guy has recovered. It was not easy for him, but he could even benefit from such an accident. She was an expert in non-verbal relationships, and inevitably committed treachery, human trafficking and so on. as well as important issues.

How can you identify whether a person is telling the truth? Does he really think so? There are four major issues that can be considered.

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1. Eye contact

When you are listening to someone, do not look close to him. This is due to obedience and worship, because the slave submits to his master when he orders. Often it should be blinkingWhen you say something, it is a sign of distress and uncertainty in your own words, which significantly reduces your confidence.

2. Do not look at the phone

Many people commit sins: periodically check the phone while you are in a call. What is this about? Consideration of time or urgent correspondence. But in fact, this is an expression of dissatisfaction with the speaker, emphasizing the irrationality of his words. Such behavior at the time of the conversation often leads to distorted relationships.

3. Remove the phone

Psychological research has shown People with gadgets smile at both acquaintances and strangers. It might just look like a smartphone, but it can change the basics of social behavior!

4. Vowel voice

There is a direct correlation between the intonation and the intonation of spoken words. People change the timbre of their voices in situations that cause them disturbance or anxiety. Such a vocal effect gives you a sense of mood, as well as your physical appearance, facial features, and so on.

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