Saturday , October 16 2021

Valve paid $ 20,000 to find a bug in Steam

The tester, Artem Moskovsky, received $ 20 million as a gift for finding a bug in the Steam.

According to the tester, he was unexpectedly mistaken. The vulnerability of the system allowed Moscow to create 36,000 copies of the game portal. At present the price of the game is 259 rubles. Hacker has provided information on Valve, for which he received $ 20,000. According to the developers, the attackers did not have time to use the error, so the company did not suffer losses.

This is not the first Moscow payment of Valve.

According to the researcher, he discovered that he had a steady study code vulnerability. He is an active participant of the HackerOne project where hackers offer their services to find significant errors and exploits in commercial software products (of course, pay).

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