Wednesday , October 5 2022

Which of the clients of Sberbank from January 1, 2019, has been granted a double surcharge


The most popular and largest bank in Russia – Sberbank with more than 85 million clients all over the country, and more and more daily. Many new people are aware that since January 1, 2019, many new laws and innovations, including various social benefits, will come into play. In this regard, do many people think that this is a double reward?

It is not surprising that it takes less than two months before the start of the new year, this time it will run faster, as the New Year's Sales are ahead. The first prize is waiting for all pensioners using Sberbank or any other lending institution. The elderly pension has grown by 7.05 percent and now all people are receiving it. Now it's enough to increase the current 0.0705 to see how much its size will increase. The sum will be the "premium" of the Russian government.

The second growth is expected, of course not everything. Initially it had to be returned from January 1, 2017, two years ago, but after the economic problems in the country nothing happened, but in the coming year. All rural residents who have worked in agriculture for more than 30 years officially receive a 25% additional pension payment.

The amount of this remuneration in cash is more than 1,350 rubles. Yes, the money is not very big, but it's better than anything else. It's important to understand that retirement benefits are only for non-working pensioners who pay social benefits from the state. You will not be applying to Sberbank or the Russian Pension Fund in order to receive them from January 1, 2019 as they will be paid to all legally required persons starting from January.

As it was informed earlier, deposits of Sberbank clients will be credited to the Russian budget.

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