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Why does Victoria's secret ignore the truth?


Victoria's hidden audience is far more than any other fashion show. This result a full show of the show itself, and several weeks after editing it on TV and on the Internet. Thus, the audience will be able to see the show this year only on December 2.


As a rule, the film has interviews with Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, dubious angels Kendie Swanepoel and Adriana Lima, and sometimes newcomers are sometimes forgotten. Despite the changes in the annual themes, all the same will be left behind – with a short pink coat, laughing, laughing at the young fashionable girls in the feathers and lip gloss.

Brand management continues to ignore the current political and social environment in favor of the outdated "zero" trend.

If many of the brands of the luxury segment come to fulfill their visitors' wishes, Victoria's secrets are not just a reliable and independent woman but an angel.

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It is stunning that popular models and models that are actively involved in the promotion of the image of women's image do not want to boycott the event in the event of a falling popularity. Most importantly, you would be interested to live – first play fashionable and independent women in closed clothes, and then, if you're happy, you smile magic with about $ 1 million.

The wardrobe is officially called Fantasy Bra – Dream Bra. Annually, the honored "angel" is unique, but highly esteemed to enter the updated version of the pediatrician. This year, the brand respected the models of different nationalities around the globe, and the most expensive clothes were given to the blue-eyed Swedish blonde Elsa Hosk.

Typically, the price of this toilet corresponds to the ideas of a 15-year-old girl, and costs about $ 10 million at cost of precious stones, but only yesterday's stellar models are enough.

After the Swarovski jewelry house offered towing public, the Diet Prague Instagram report seeking plagiarism at the fashion house came to the authors of the idea of ​​a stashed glass.

It has been discovered that Victoria's secrets were bought from a new partnership with a democratic partner, the H & M mass market, and the Italian Moschino house for $ 199.

The antique house launches the budget version of Fantasy Bra, but costs $ 50 again.

Before the show, American Vogue journalists talked to Victoria Secret secretaries and asked a few questions about their reasons for not producing models and transgender models in the 2018 cinema.

The main designers of Ed Russec brand and Monica Mitto's views on today's trends were significant:

"If you are thinking of allowing the Transgender model to participate in the show program, or if you are considering casting plus sized templates, we have thought about it. We have made a show for big models in a subsidiary. "

In addition, since 2000, designers wanted to have a show with non-standard sized models, they did not have any requests. And now, Racquet, the size of the plus does not interest anyone.

The lack of designers explained the general concept of the show, according to which everything should be fairy-tale. Send such foolish and negative things to the world of dreams, such as the protection of victims of sexual harassment or the fight against women's rights.

In addition, Razek and Mitro are dissatisfied with their marketing strategies and do not like the "angel" of their body and their thoughts become stars. Guided by the instructions of the American high school girl caricature from any comedy show in the 90s, she answered the question of diversity – she is nothing more than her.

"This is a special 42-minute entertainment show. That is so. It's a good thing, and any fashion brands in the world will take off within a minute, including those who are guilty of us. "

– The representatives of the brand explained. In other words, VS they only look at those who hate them.

At the end of the fashion week in New York this year, singer Rihanna presented a collection of underwear for women of all levels to Savageh Phanti. The main surprise for the show is a slippery model Slik Woods, who quickly came to an ambulance and took her to the hospital. Many skeptics have accused the singer of practicing prenatal wrestling in front of guests of the show, almost in nude form and in his pants, but Woods's designer has no claims. In addition, many admirers in the fashion industry were amazed at the model's display of real female power.

Victoria's secrets are brilliantly composed by anyone who seeks a realistic situation, and the celebration and good mood will always keep their line, as they overcome the gray days. After all, they do not care about anyone at all.

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