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6 warning signs for diabetes mellitus. Know … Masrawi


Warning signs about diabetes

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Symptoms of type 2 diabetes are usually not easy to identify because they are not tired, but have other symptoms.

Here are six warning signs that appear on the skin: The British newspaper "Express"

1 – pinkish-brown or orange-colored spots appear in the form of rashes, and the surrounding skin looks like porcelain. Also, you can see the blood vessels for yourself, thereby feeling angry and painful.

2 – The thickness of the skin and the difficulty of moving the fingers on the back of the hand.

3. In rare cases, people with diabetes may have cats on the skin.

4 – skin irritation, pain and skin infections that cause some swelling in the skin, as well as a small layer of white secretion or a dry or peeling area.

5. High blood sugar can lead to poor circulation and nerve damage, which is especially difficult for the wound healing.

6 – The growth of the polyps can be present in different parts of the body, indicating the high blood volume or type 2 diabetes.

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