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Ahli holds bilateral negotiations on bilateral cooperation. Successful operations for Khatib


Thursday, November 20, 2018 07:02

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Al Ahli's technical staff, Alexandria's Al Itikhad, defender Bazuka and midfielder Ahmad Al-Alfee were responsible for joining the team in the next transfer window. Football Manager Sean Abdelkhafiz held a meeting with Walid Saladin, Al-Masri Al-Humm Officials of the Alexandria Union welcomed the presence of Basuka and Alfie to borrow Mohammad Naguib and Amr Barakat at the same time, while Abdulhafetzes met with French Cartieron to discuss the mother. Faster for transaction execution.

Officers of this 10 million club came under the protection of Yasser Ibrahim's advocate during the winter move, especially during the winter, when the technical staff was at least contracted with the defenders. After Sabri Rahim and Bazem met Egyptian football board member Adnan Khalabiya, the Egyptian club approached the El Porteji after negotiating with each other and complaining to Bossim's departure after leaving the African team. Machine art because it does not believe in its potential.

On the other hand, while preparing for a match against Al-Vasli in the back matches for the 16th round of the Arab Championship in UAE, Thursday, the head of the mission prepares for the UAE, headed by Haled Al-Dandandli. Finished with 2-2 points.

He had a 15-minute theoretical lecture with the players and the trainer was trying to meet the UAE champions during the lecture, and he also drew attention to a psychological factor ahead of the pre-emptive campaign to ensure a good result that would bring a quarter final to the championship. The players of the Olympic team witnessed the clashes between Tunisia and two friendly countries yesterday.

Olympic members of Salli Mohsen, Mahmud Al Jazzar, Akram Tawfik, Ahmed Hamdi, Karim Nedved and Nasser Maher entered the Olympic Games.

The technical committee has also decided to release Mali from the team of Silif Kuliiber, and the player will be ready to go today through the mission of the UAE team.

Along with Wilde Suleiman's records, when he was playing in the team when he was a youth squad, he was the only one in the team when Al-Muranda was a warrior.

Mohamed Hani also joined the stadium as part of his rehabilitation program to prepare for the group's re-training. Hani besieged the outside of the buttocks and complained of panic and at the last stage he developed a treatment and rehabilitation program. Khan held a session in the gym, and then began a new phase of training around the stadium. When Maaloul and Junior Ajay carried out their rehabilitation program, Maalul and Ajay were in charge of the exercises under the supervision of Tarik Abdulaziz, who runs the stadium and performs lightweight physical exercises.

Agii complains of cerebral palsy in the knee, and the athlete has been injured in muscle muscle. In addition, the technical team published the list of teams that met with the UAE team: Mohamed El Shennui, Sheriff Ekrami, Lotfi, Saad Samir, Saluf Kolibeli, Aiman ​​Ashraf, Sabri Rachel, Ahmed Ala, Akram Tawfik, Karim Nedved, Hosam Asur, Hisham Mohamed, Islam Maharib , Mohammed Sharif, Ahmed Sheikh, Ahmed Hamudi, Walid Azaru, Marwan Mohsen and Salah Mohsen.

On the other hand, club manager Mahmoud Al-Khatib has successfully operated in Germany after confirming the health status of the club's official representative. Al-Khatib has withdrawn his spinal and surgery surgery.

Source: Egypt Today

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