Tuesday , January 31 2023

Al-Qahtani is free and authority is false


The world is Saudi Arabia

The agency said that al-Qahtani had continued to work in four regions of the Persian Gulf this week and continued to work secretly.

The Saudi court yesterday confirmed the role of Adviser Said al-Katani in the killing of Hashoggi and his role was to meet with a command to return to Hashoggi, his journey was prevented and the investigation was under way.

The Saudi government has ruled that King Prince Mohammed bin Salman has rescued Saud al-Qahtani as a Royal court adviser.

Al-Qahtani began to work under King Abdullah's death, and was a close friend of Prince Mohammad. The sources associated with the Royal Court frequently spoke on behalf of the Tajik prince, saying that he gave direct orders to high-ranking officials, including security officials.

Al Qahtani used Twitter to criticize the general kingdom, and especially Prince Mohammed. He also used Twitter to attack critics and collaborated with editors from local newspapers in order to identify the Royal Court of Watsab.

According to Hashoggi and government sources, al-Katani tried to return journalists to the kingdom, fearing to persecute their views after moving to Washington one year ago.

In August 2017, Twitter's Twitter followers wrote about 1.35 million followers of the Twitter series – Kahtai: "I think I'll be fired without my head, I'm a worker and a honest artist on the orders of my lord. And my lord!

Saudi Arabia's official representative Al-Qahtani said that one of his subordinates, Maher Mutrab, allowed him to carry out negotiations on Hashagi's return to reign. Al-Qahtani did not give Hashogi information to a famous singer, based on his former talks.

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