Tuesday , March 21 2023

Emmy Samir Hanan puts on the head scarf and raises questions about the people


Cairo – Abu Sim

Egyptian artist Emmy Samir Haneem took part in his new "Anstagram" photo on his personal account.

Emmy was painted with many friends in Saudi Arabia, wearing a headdress and saying, "The best friend in Jeddah."

Singer Amy Ganem asked her why she was wearing hats and some because she was in Saudi Arabia, and the artist praised the beauty of the curtain.

She now participates in a conference in the Middle East with her husband, artist Hassan al-Raddad, Jeddah, attended by many celebrities, and Al-Ray has an open dialogue to talk about his works.

Hassan Raddad and Amy took part in the last Ramadan with the series "Azmi and Ashgan", Nasren Amin and Amy Samir Haneem.

Hassan and Emmy married in November 2016 and talked about the love of the mass media, but their spouses say that they are friends until they get married.

The wedding was held in El Ghada and was attended by most art centers such as Amr Youssef, Majdi Kamel, Maha Ahmed, Rogina, Zeina, Basma, Dina, Samir Sabri, Mervat Amin and Raja El Jeddawi.

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