Monday , December 6 2021

Famous artist Kasym Kaafi in the name of God


Tunisian art scene on Thursday morning was due to the death of 75-year-old famous artist Kasim Kafi after a clash with the disease.

Kasem Qafi was born on August 5, 1945 in Sfax. Rich in music and rich Tunisian songs. After his death, his life was included in Radio Sfax's vocal group of Tunisian national radio, led by many musical names, including the late artistic artist Ahmed Hamzad and finally Maestro Abdelhamid Ben Alyazhia.

Not only songs by artist Kassim Qafi, but also our melodies as music of our artists Mounia Bejaui and artist Alia Belaid and many other musical names.

Kasem Qafi sings with his mother and his wife and goes to love and life, thus preserving popular Tunisian folklore. Kassem is known as "Yama", "Ya Mahbaba Tabeti", "Ali Bint al-Khawla", "Zagrati Ya Lemema", "Ruman Biladi", "Shahlla Katala".

One of the songs composed and sang one of the songs is "Lily Yama", "Я Салех Салех", "Ха-Кумин Ми", "Ашир И" and others.
After the Friday prayer, Sunday, he died in the capital, Al-Gaza Strip.

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