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The opening ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival will take place at the Cairo International Film Festival on Tuesday, with participation of many artists and industry. Artist Sharina Rida will be the star of the concert.

The ceremony was attended by Lebanese actress Diaman Boabud and Argentine Mercedes Murano, Kazakhs Sommalyslia Mova and others, including Iyad Nassar, Hassan Raddad, Emma Samir Haneem, Mona Zaki, Nelly Karim, Basma, Zafer Al-Abidin and Hend Sabrire. The festival will feature Arab and international directors, producers and writers, including Tunisian Mahmoud Ben Mahmud, Saudi Mahmoud Sabbag, Greek Babis Macrates, Kazakhstani Sergei Dvortseva and Egyptian director Abu Bakir Shawchi.

Along with Khalil Khalil, Hala Lotfi, Ahmed Abdel Sayed, Ahmad Magdi and Amr El Shannawi, will be screened at Hisham Fati's opening and show on the big screen. Also, technical drawings were made in the current version several times.

The opening ceremony will be attended by English actor and director Riv Wein, who was nominated for the Oscars and Bafta awards, replaced by an honored French filmmaker Claude Lellouche, who was attacked by political anti-racism and Zionism. Peter Farley's "In the East" for the first time will feature a film "Green Book" featuring Vigo Mortensen, Maher Shala Ali, Linda Caredini and Don Stark for the first time. Many heroes will take part in her show. The first events of the festival.

Hassan Hosni

The 40th edition of the Cairo Film Festival will last until November 29, including 51 films in four films, the first international festival of the International Federation of International Federation of Federations (FIFA), which will feature 15 films.

The jury is headed by Danish director Bill Austest, one of the few artists who won the Golden Palms twice, is one of the largest film festivals at the Cairo International Film Festival.

Among the most prominent films competing in the competition are filmmaker Valentin Golino of Boutepong Aronbing and the Italian Movie Theater "Manta Ray", as well as the Egyptian film director Ahmed Abdel Sayed's "Outside Night".

8 new films from Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, including 7 novels and documentary films for different talents led by Tunisian director Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud in the second competition "The Horizons of the Arabic Cinema", the Festival's new "Fetva" festival for young film directors his first work – the Egyptian Amir al-Shanawi, who presented his first film, Kilo 64.
The Arab Movie Horizons In the Middle East and North Africa, the first show, Amra and the Second Wedding, was screened by Saudi Arabian filmmaker Mahmud Sabbag.
There are 7 films representing a miniaturized panoramic view of the world's young cinema at the Third Crisis Week. There are stories that combine artistic monument with the desire to revive the traditional methods in the race. The first screening of the movie "No One" is under the direction of Ahmet Magdi, and Babis Macrates's "Shafa" Greek movie.

The last race Tomorrow's Cinema will allow you to choose the 20 short films from around the world for the fifth consecutive year.

This year's edition of the festival provides for a number of technologies and events for the first time in order to monitor the development of international festivals, including a series of 4K films.

In addition, the Department has received a new award for the "Best Arabic Cinema" competition for the first time ever to compete with long Arab films, and the film will receive a prize of $ 15,000.
The festival administration decided to convey Arab wives to Arab women through this special program. 9 films will be filmed for Arab women.

Mohammed Hafsa, director of the Cairo Film Festival, Mohammed Hafsa confirmed that many of the new surprises in the form and spirit of the festival would be awards for today's film stars. This step has never been seen before, and the red carpet, Carp, has never seen these films, 15 times a year.

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At the festival, she will take part in the festival dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Ihsan Abdul Quds, which will feature four films, including the "The End of Death", "Our Home", "Black Eyewear" and "Black Eyed Peas". .

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