Sunday , September 25 2022

Foreign engineers from Giza and work for the Ministry of Labor!


Ahmed Al-Kunfhadi, Director of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Jazan Region, has unveiled Twitter job search information. Explaining this information, he asked engineers for the Royal International Airport in Jizan for help.

"The image of advertising is not issued by an organization or company, but its source or owner is unaware of the email, and the information contained therein is inaccurate, in wages or in the required professions," Twitter's Twitter account says. After a long stay, the Secretariat is simple, and now the company is engaged in garbage disposal. «

He added: "However, the Director of the Inspection has been sent to inspect this project and connect with a company awarded by Jazan Airport."

"The company management in the region has confirmed that the announcement is incorrect, which the company applies to approved work systems and rents them through its headquarters in Riyadh."

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