Saturday , January 28 2023

General tactics .. and pressure on the most prominent production


The team "Zamalek" continued the series of victories, winning military products at 2: 1 on Saturday evening, Saturday evening at Saturday, Saturday evening, which continued at the start of the League Championship and ended at the exclusive summit of the AIBA summit, which is expected to host the League Champions League. , The Zamaleke strives to reach the league title, especially as the team maintains a key goal to rebuild the shield in the league and is a major victory for Zamalek in the modern game because the national league matches the link to Tunisia and UAE .

Hani Ramsey is trying to save his aggressive electrified power

The beginning of the game was in the midst of a game between Zamalek and the production center and strived to hold the meeting and did not pay attention to the players in the half of the attack because of Zhamalek's severity and malfunction for the purpose of war production, trying to cover all the keys of modern production and ensuring optimal protection. However, after 17 minutes, Zalalek made a substantial contribution to the pressure drop by Zalalek players with the help of Youssef Obama and showed a negative result among the team's Al-Farabi team. Qin played with caution to reach Zamalek, and tried to reach his goal, not to achieve other goals and at the same time, but at the same time, when he scored the second goal in the 80th minute, the last minute of the match was Mohammed Abdelghani, The Ugly player and the Onsh player were deeply troubled by the withdrawal of the arm's arm from the player who produced the warlike impression, and wrote that the only purpose of the penalty was to produce the war.

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In the first half of the year, Ahmed Shadyen made a great deal of pressure on production players for Kaenui's military production and made a great deal of confidence in Zamalek and demanded victory, and in the second half required the defense of Swiss coach Christian Gross's coaching and defense, and keys to playing for Industrial and Aggressive Attacks and Zamalek close the nearby places behind the defense and in the second half to activate the center of the stadium, but also Mukhtar Muhtar is responsible for some of the attacking technical director's technical director. We try to achieve the goal of Zamalek and rely on the elements of the experience to achieve the attack.

Zamalek did not appear in previous gameplay and at the last stage demonstrated the impact of players at the league championship and played every 3 days, making them physically abusive and acknowledged by Swiss coach Christian Gross being accepted by key elements and without change in the team Minimum restrictions, some tiredness and there is no high level of electrification, that is, the problem of a high level of playing ability, and all games should not be played in the same format and level.

Common plays on the way to victory are the most important league championships and try to collect points, as the winner of the league championship gives the team players a sense of peace and comfort.

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