Friday , February 3 2023

Hasan Hosni's death message (video)


The international film festival in Cairo has hosted the Egyptian actor Hassan Hosni at the opening ceremony of his 40th session on Tuesday.

Hassan Hussain, who was very impressed with the reception of his colleagues after entering the stage at a ceremony at Egyptian opera house in Cairo.

Hassan Hosni won the long-awaited award at the cinema, theater and television on behalf of the Egyptian actress Faten Hamam after the festival.

Hospice: "In my lifetime, I respected the honor of seeing her before she died and respecting her," said Hosni.

86-year-old Hassan Hosni has made more than half a century more than a drama, television show and drama for more than half a century.

Among its most popular films are "Bus Drivers", "Al-Musatil", "The Seed of Khanate", "Abbas at the Border", "The Nightingale of Baghdad", "The Unlawfulness", "Dictator" and "My Body".

"Celebration of Hassan Hosni is an amazing glory of the Egyptian and Arab screen enriched with immortal masterpieces," said Mohamed Hafiz, director and producer of the Cairo International Film Festival. "The great star has also been a teacher and a teacher with many experiences of young stars."

The 40th edition of the Cairo International Film Festival will be held on November 20-29.

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