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Is there a side effect of flu vaccine?


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October 16, 2018 11:45 It is possible to get an influenza vaccine in order to avoid the disease from Oct. October, but in some cases may be accompanied by some side effects that must be predetermined.

Many people believe that obtaining a vaccine will immediately lead to vaccination, but this is one of my most famous myths. Dr. Sandro Picos, a professor of biology at the Johns Hopkins University, says that the flu vaccine is a virus that is only half the virus needed to initiate immune responses, and explains that the vaccine is in the hands and does not go there. Influenza virus usually does not.

However, after you take the vaccine, you feel uncomfortable and can develop with some side effects that are very similar to those of the flu.

Side effects of influenza vaccine for 2018-2019 according to CDC:

Redness, redness or pain in the vicinity of the vaccine area


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Many people develop mild redness and pain in the vaccine, which is their normal symptoms, in particular the interaction of the immune system with the vaccine in the human body.

If the vaccine is administered by spray, there are a number of side effects, such as nasal loss, nasal scarring, fever, diarrhea, lack of appetite, coughing and, in some cases, vomiting, these symptoms usually do not exceed one or two days.

Although CDC is not provided in a definitive way, pregnant women, children under 2, people over 50 years old, immune system weakness or asthma should be avoided.

In rare cases, some may be allergic to the vaccine, including symptoms such as breathing difficulties, eye or eye cavity, weakness and dizziness, usually lasting several minutes in a matter of minutes.

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