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Liverpool lost to Shakiri – Al-Hayot newspaper


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November 6, 2018 25 minutes
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6 November 2018 / 01:29

Swiss captain Sheridan Shakiri has appeared in the Red Star Belgrade on Liverpool's Champions League. According to the club, he is not sure how the player will be accepted in the capital of Serbia.

Shakiri from Albania and Kosovo won the World Cup in Serbia with a score of 2-1 and showed a golden eagle in Albania Serbia has refused to recognize the independence of the former Kosovo Kosovo population is 1.8 million ethnic Albanians. The distribution was ten years ago.

"We've heard and read some of the assumptions about Shakiri's acceptance," said Liverpool manager Joan Clopp. "We do not know what will happen, we want to go there, we are at the top of the football, we did not think," he said. "There is no political message. Anything else. "

The International Football Federation (FIFA), Shakiri, has been fined over 10,000 Swiss francs ($ 9,051), alongside Albania's and his Kosovo counterpart, Granit Chaca, equalizing the equivalent for Switzerland.

Liverpool won the Red Star 4-0 in Anfield Stadium last month and took the third place and the Serbian side scored a total of three games, including Paris Saint-Germain and Naples.

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