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Philadelphia won Charlotte Hornet … Woker scored 60 points


Philadelphia won Charlotte Hornet … Woker scored 60 points

The Vizarts go to Dallas Mavericks at the American Basketball League

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Kimba Walker scored 60 points, but Hornets in Philadelphia (AFP)

Los Angeles: The Middle East

Philadelphia Saints won the Charlotte Hornet after an additional time at the NBA, despite the 60 points in Cambodia's Walker, and the Altyn State fighters lost their second consecutive defeat this season in Dallas Maverick.
28-year-old Walker was the first player in the history of his team to bring 60 players to one game, but failed to reach Philadelphia's three-point finish for Jimmy Butler.
Philadelphia made the difference in the first quarter and finished it 42 – 30, but in the second quarter, Charlotte finished slightly and did not make the difference in the third quarter, finishing 30 – 19 and finishing 26 – 21, but Philadelphia 's last quarter – equivalent equation of 110 – 110.
In the last seconds of the two teams, 15.7 seconds later, there was another training. Butler tried to take the lead from 111 to 109 with Walcler's team, trying to break through on his new team and attempted to reach the end of the basket by 0.03 seconds.
Butler this week joined Justin Button to join Philadelphia, and swap-deal with Minnesota Timberwolves, including Dario Sarich of Croatia, Robert Covington and Jared Bailis.
"I wanted to succeed if I wanted the game to win, so Kemba could not score 60 points," said Butler.
"I'm proud of what I did in the game, but I regret that we've lost," says Walker, who took the 21st place from 34 games and had all the hit.
Walker was better than 60 points, seven orbits and four assistants, and the best of Joël Imbé in Philadelphia was 33 points, 11 qualifiers and three assistants, but Butler scored 15 points and three semi-finalists.
In the second game, Dallas Mavericks defeated 112-109 sixth warriors to win the last two seasons, the fourth in the last six games Houston Rockets dropped to 86- 107.
This is the fifth eighth out of 17 games for the Gold State, which has been victorious three times in the last four years, with Steven Carry and Raymond Green.
The only time in the last 19 games, Dallas won the Golden State, which has not missed the final of the League in the last four seasons.
In contrast to the difference in leaders in the West, the best record for the Toronto Raptor's best scorer (13 victories and four losses) in the state of Toronto, won the Chicago Bulls with a score of 122-83. In another game, he won the Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Lakers 130-117, and Cleveland Cavaliers joined the season in the same season as Lebron James.


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