Saturday , January 28 2023

Rainfall map «Meteorology» will be published from Monday to Monday


It is accompanied by active winds and cold shower.

From Monday on Monday, the general meteorological body (MMA) predicts lightning, dust, and cold winds, including lightning, medium to high, including most of the kingdom.

On Tuesday afternoon, in a statement issued by the Riyadh Capital, Al-Kharj newspaper, Afif and Aldawadmi, as well as provinces and centers, the Shara and Bani-Tamim outposts, and provinces and centers affiliated with them can be very heavy on Sundays and Mondays .

Damom, Dhahran, Jubail, Al Ahsa, Khobar, Khafji, including Beirut, Hafr al-Batin, Al-Qaysoumah and similar provinces and centers, can be reached by Sunday and Mondays.

On Friday and Sunday, Friday and Saturday, Friday and Saturday, may be heavy and moderate and heavy rainfall in the Kassim region, including Onas, Buraid, Al-Rash, Bakeria, Muneeb, Badaa and its provinces and centers.

Mecca, Tauf, Misan, Kamel, Rani, Terba, Hurma, Hulais, Adem, Muayah, Makat, Muka. On Monday and Saturday, from Saturday to Saturday, there was a heavy rainfall between Friday and Sunday, from Al-Late, Kunfudah, distribution centers.

From Thursday to Saturday, the heavy rains on the "Hell, Baka, Wall, Ghazala" and its provinces and centers, as well as the average and severity of northern frontier precipitations "Ararat, Raffa, Tarif" and its affiliated centers. Al-Juf area, including Sakaka, Domat al-Jandal, Karyat, Tabarzhal and neighboring areas.

Tabeel, Taima, Fajr, Amlaj, Daba, Medina, Madinah, Murad al-Zahab, Hanakia, Surajiya al-Ahl, Wadi al-Faraj and al-Ittmah, its administrations and centers, , Ammār and its governors and centers "predicted a soft and moderate rainfall.

Al-Baha, Al-Baha, Balgharshi, Al-Mundak, Al-Makhwah, Qalwa, and its centers, and the heavy rainfall in Al-Baha, including Friday, Sunday, and the governors and their centers extend to coastal areas, "ponds and depths", and from Sunday to Monday in the "Jizan" normal rainfall "Viva, and the neighboring parts extend to the shores of the coastline.

The meteorological agency has encouraged everybody to follow daily weather reports, comments posted on the official site of the site, and social media.

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