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The role of olives in weight loss and appetite suppression


Olive helps to lose weight, because it is rich in antioxidants and anti-botanical nutrients, also low in calories and low in glycemic index.

Olive helps fill the appetite

Although it is said that olive oils have a high percentage of fat, the vast majority of oils are also contained in fat, which helps reduce cholesterol and reduce inflammation, even a single non-oxidising oils eliminate the absorption of harmful fat, which means that sugar is stable and durable without increasing blood sugar levels. It can be used to prevent cancer from being associated with vegetable nutrients contained in olives and this will help prevent bone loss.

Green and black calories in olives

Olive oil, according to research in Italy, has a positive effect on weight loss if it is taken 10 times a day for olive oil, its appetite will decrease by 22%, the unsaturated fatty acids they encounter in the brain also signal the adiposity of fatty acids for 5 hours after the fatty acids are absorbed 5. 5 or 10 green or black olives are a good choice, because each oat contains only 12 calories and 28 calories. Green olive grains are about 41 calories, 4 grams of fat, 1 g carbohydrates and 1 gram of fiber.

An ounce of 7 ounces in ounces of black olives is 35 grams, with an aromatic flavored potato chip compared to other salty dishes, olivon is the winner compared to 151 calories per ounce, because it is low in calories and Olive oil is available for 116 ounces of black olive and 120 ounces of green olives. In contrast to calories, it should be replaced by potato chips, so eating potato chips twice a week, twice a week, losing about 3 pounds on average.

The right oils

The olive contains a large amount of unsaturated fat and the use of saturated fat, not fat saturated but helps maintain health, as it helps reduce tetanus and bad cholesterol levels, and replaces saturated fats such as diabetes and metabolic diseases in 2013, such as olive oil, low in diet and low cholesterol levels.

The olive oil reduces weight

In 2011, a study conducted in European Endocrinology magazine resulted in high diet weight loss in olives instead of other oils. In a study conducted with children for one year, olive oil was not used for other oils, researchers found that fatty acids in this weight were high in fat and high in dietary supplements has come to the conclusion that it can help reduce the possibility of obesity.

Warning: Avoid ointment from canned, preserved or bottled olives, because it contains high calories and sodium content, and high sodium content retains the water as it can cause drowsiness.

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