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The Saudi index slightly diminishes at the beginning and is "parallel" unchanged


The Saudi index slightly diminishes at the beginning and is "parallel" unchanged

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia's Tadawul market dropped early in Tuesday's session, with major slump in its key sectors, and the parallel market has maintained its "growth" instability.

TASI dropped by 0.05% to 10.05% and lost 3.75 points to 7756.4 points.

Trading volume in the official markets until now is about 14 million transactions up to about 15 million shares with a value of 341.5 million concessions.

The decline in 14 sectors led by Tadavou decreased by 1.2%, while the telecommunications industry lost 0.34%, and the main materials and banks lost 0.09% and 0.04%, respectively.

Other sectors were "green", while "Insurance" – 0.33% and real estate – 0.28%.

As for the share sale, the official "export" of the official market fell by 9.94%, and the maximum profit of the shelf was increased by 4.32%.

From the standpoint of growth of the parallel market, it has remained unchanged at 2 429.15 points, with all stocks stabilized.

The overall indicator of the Saudi market, due to the end of Monday's meeting, was a substantial increase in the revenue earned by many sectors, and the parallel market index was the closure of the 9-session bleedings.

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