Sunday , October 17 2021

The secret of the new electrified crisis and its future

Zamalek coach Makhmud Abdel Moneyim intends to leave for Switzerland during the winter transfer season with Christian Gross.

Gatt corrected his contract with the Zamalek administration and asked for the highest salary in the team, and raised the wealth of Zamalek for his professionalism in the Saudi league and agreed to continue his professional career in the club to return to Zamalek and to make efforts.

The club's representatives did not accept the player's request, and they asked them to finish the conversation and pay attention to the team, especially at the moment when Zamalek dominated the league and competed at a steady pace.

In his turn, Gros stated that he had refused a player from any situation and claimed to be one of the key elements of his team as well as his desire to run the club and refused to leave the player and demanded that the crisis be resolved as soon as possible.

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The management of "Zamalek" temporarily prohibits the management of "Zamalek" from resolving all files before the competition restarts, especially when the team is starting to pressure all levels of the game and management is paying close attention to the concentration and the players are away from the Zalalek officials, as a team moving to the Winter Meccator who wants to satisfy all of Al-Hawa's requirements and maintain the team's infrastructure. and want to keep the electricity away from it.

Saudi Arabia's best practice experience in Saudi Arabia and the weak seasonal experience, and in the second season, she failed and led the Saudi Club management to extend the player's professionalism in Europe, without lengthening the loan. All actions did not go back to Zeleke, and its level did not change before the beginning of June before it retained its position and kept its place.

The Galloway administration had previously demanded that Gross stop the electricity and prevent it from joining the league, but Al-Hawayah refused to do so, and Zhamalek was losing 1-0, which was officially punished and sent to investigate, but the player apologized and then continued with the team. This position reflects Gross's commitment to the electrification talent and his commitment to finding a player in a green rectangle to prove his talent.

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He did not allow the Majilis officials to name my father and his belongings. As in the past, it was only in the beginning of June when the player wanted to break the contract, but Zhamalek ruled out the player's door and stopped the law. But the problem was that the player's desire to quit and renew the electrified story of the contract crisis, at the end telling him not to stay with the team.

Al-Harb finished second in the second half and finished with Zamelek 2: 1, one of the most important players in the Obama team.

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