Tuesday , August 16 2022

The stock index is 2.8 billion US dollars. It was higher than trades


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Today Saudi Arabia's stock index reached 9.42 points and reached 7514.36 points, with a trading volume of over 2.8 billion riyals.
The number of sold shares amounted to more than 119 million shares, of which 102 have been traded, of which 128 were traded on shares and 41 companies were closed.
Shares of Amanah, Saco, Medgulf Insurance, Care and Matlif AIG Arabia were the most successful ones, while the share of exports was minimal in trade with Petrochem, Wafra, Fish and SAFCO growth was 9.96% to 9.92%.
SABIC, Al-Rima, Al Rajhi, Saudiya Kayan and Dar Al Arkan were the most active Al-Anma, Saudi Qayan, Dar Al Arkan, SABIC and Anam Holding.
Saudi Arabia Benchmark Index climbed by 2.01 points and reached 2423.20 points, trading volume was SR1 million, the number of shares sold exceeded 38 thousand shares, which sold 119 deals.

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