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Today the exchange rate in the black market and exchange companies


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Exchange rates on the black market and stock exchanges, referring to Egyptian Fayf website Thursday, November 15, 2018. offers a daily website, Exchange Rates Renewed, updated daily in stock exchanges in the Black market and Egypt Exchange Rates Arab and foreign currencies against Egyptian pounds, most commonly sold and sold on the Egyptian capital market, especially the dollar and pound sterling, euro, Saudi Riyal, Kuwait Dinar, Dirham and Riyal.

Currency on the black market today

We offer Exchange Rates In the parallel markets of stock exchange companies, offices and individuals, "black market", as well as the actual sales and purchases in the following table:

Currency exchange Today in the black market in Egypt

Currency Purchase price Price Sale USD 17.94 EGP 17.99 Pound Sterling 23.35 EGP 23.55 EGP Euro 20.45 EGP 20.55 Saudi Riyal 4.76 EGP 4.78 EGP Kuwait Dinar 58.75 EGP 59.25 EGP United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.87 EGP 4.89 Qatar Riyals 4.70 EGP 4.80 EGP

It should be noted that currency exchange rates and stock exchanges are relatively recent and have occasionally changed significantly due to market conditions and demand, which is consistent with the stability of exchange rates in official and private banks operating in Egypt.

We thank you and visitors of Saudi Arabia's website for their trust and participation, and we promise you to provide all new and relevant news from all reliable and reliable sources. Our exchange rates are now available to the black market and stock exchange companies.
Source: Egyptian Fife

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