Friday , June 18 2021

Tunis Mahmoud Ben Mahmud wins Carthage Film Festival

From Mohamed El Arcaby

Tunisian filmmaker Mahmoud Ben Mahmud won the Golden Tannite Award for the Art Film Festival in the 29th edition of the Carthage Film Festival on Saturday night.

The film is produced by Tunisian / Belgian producer Ahmed El Hafyan, Galia Ben Ali, Sara El Ghanihi, Ramzi Aziz and Mohamed Sassi Gorzal. The film tells of the story of Tunisia, who returned to France to attend the funeral of his deceased son, who lives in France and has died in a motorcycle, but found out that his son was active in the cell, trying to find out how his son was taking the lead.

"The cinema, as a whole, is a culture that opens the eyes of young people to protect them from bloody human trafficking," Ben Mahmoud said after winning the award "The award was handed over by technical equipment, representatives and producers."

Abu Bakr Shawki's "Silver Sun" award for the Egyptian film "The Day of Religion" was awarded with the bronze medal of the Syrian Film Festival "War Veterans" by Jod Saeed.

The referee board was recognized by the City of Morocco (Sofia) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MacLea).

Kenan actress Samantha Mukasia won the Best Actress for her role in the film "My Partner", she won the Best Cinema Award for "The War Veterans", the best scenario for Kenya film (Soba Modo).

The solemn ceremony and award ceremony took place in Culture City, officially opened this year. The ceremony was attended by Minister of Culture Mohammed Zine Al-Abidin and several Arab filmmakers and artists.

At the Short Feature Film Competition, director of the "Golden Talent" Mariam Jubbar won the Tunisian film "Brothers", and the director of "Beit Lalou" from Benin and Tunisian Tannit Bronze's "Astra" Tunisian film director Nidal Qayga.

The jury assessed Tunisian filmmaker Shamch Buslam as a "Florist".

In the long-awaited documentary film competition, under the direction of Mohamed Siam, under the leadership of Mohamed Siam, he won the Egyptian film Amal, and won the Egyptian film "Come Away" by Amal Ramses, silver medalist of the Lebanese film Gassan Halavani in bronze.

In short documentary films, the director of the Golden Talent Nicholas Hori won the Lebanese "Asda", the silver Tananiit won the Palestinian film by Mehdi Fliffel, and Tunisian Tannit won the Senadian "Mamadou Khoma Jie".


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