Thursday , February 2 2023

Video. "Awesome" Attack Basma Busil: Play the role of the girl


Moroccan singer Jilila, who lives in Dubai, was attacked by an African woman, and the audience could be Tamer Hosni's spouse, Basma Bussil.

"I just want a mother or a worker, but Morocco is terrified of her wife," she said in her Twitter account.

She says: "First of all, we know Ante Show and Monen Jayya, I know from the pilot's source that this is a high-level girl, because we all know Ante Shenon, she welcomes me, if you are strong and strong, but the Ante- the role of society in society. "

"Michael Jackson is your foot, and I do not have enough feet because he's not enough for his age, and I've got a cup of coffee for two days, and you do not leave your sores worse than you do."

According to the appeals, the people were prone to say that this criticism was directed to Basil Bussil, especially with good relations with the Publishing House.

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