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12:52 PM – Theresa is threatening Brexit's risk of retirement


Prime Minister Theresa May warned British MPs to support the draft convention on divorce with the European Union or to opt for a disagreement. There is no beer at all.

"The choice is very clear: we go without any agreement, fear the absence of a breach, or support the unanimous consensus that we can negotiate," May said. He defended about 600 sheets and decided to abandon four of his government members.

The non-deliberate hypothesis could have been completed in the second round of referendums that arose in recent months and could change the outcome of consultations in June 2016. To hold such a referendum strongly against May.

Brazilian State Minister Dominique Rawb, Secretary of State of the State of South Africa Sule Braverman, Secretary of State of Northern Ireland Shelesh Vara, the British province, in the midst of the problem and Labor Minister Ester McWay, has stormed Thursday.

After Brecken, I can not support the proposed agreement for two reasons for the future of Northern Ireland, which was based on the Euro-peer review by Dominic Rabab.

Collaboration with the EU will allow the EU to finalize the United Kingdom on the Customs Union and final resolution on further EU regulation. Northern Ireland will be prolonged once and for a further 21 months after the Brecehit on March 29, 2019, unless there is an agreement on future relations between Brussels and London.

"The regulatory regime for northern Ireland is a real threat to the UK's integrity," says Dominique Rabb, and also an "uncertain" support.

But Mays says no agreement will be made with Brussels. "The EU will not discuss the future partnership without it," he said.

– Government of the national unity –

Nigel Faraj, former head of the Europophobe party, one of the Bruskert craftsmen, confirmed the protection of Raab. "Bravo Dominic Raab, a few more resignations, and we get rid of those hypocritical prime ministers," he wrote.

His departure can really fuel the support of his supporters to the EU, which, according to the media, could not ask Teresa May not trust.

The draft agreement should still vote on December 25 in Brussels with parliamentarians approved by the European Summit. Taking into account parts of the Conservative Party and its alliance, it is a task that can not be overcome beforehand, taking into account strict reserves of the Northern Ireland DUP small trade unionist party, which requires an absolute majority. As for the Labor Party, he said that he would not vote on the text.

The pound fell after Dominic Reb's resignation. By 10:00, a pound amounted to $ 1,2777, from the beginning of the month to $ 2,992 on Wednesday at 2200 GMT and dropped by 1.5 percent.

"Pound has the ability to keep Prime Minister's position," said James Hughes, Axitrader's expert.

"Resignation of Dominique Rabu determines the end of the Prime Minister's project," said conservative euro-parliamentarian Anna Sorby, who is supposed to consider departing May. "We need a national government, and we need it now," Twitter adds.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the deal was "very happy." French Prime Minister Eduard Filip said the deal was a "big step", but it raised concerns about his final decision regarding the "current British political situation."

President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, issued a tough schedule before the summit was held on November 25 to sign the text. "I will do my best to make this farewell ambiguous," he said.

The Commission, along with the United Kingdom, should continue to discuss the political declaration on future relations between London and the EU.

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