Tuesday , August 16 2022

An investigation into the "enlightenment" investigation in Deutsche Bank (parquet)


Frankfurt, November 29, 2018 (AFP) – The German court ordered Thursday to search six Deutsche Bank offices in Frankfurt, headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. parquet.

According to Panama Papers, the first German bank has been suspected of helping to build companies in tax evasion for "money-laundering from customers". floor flooring.

"At present, police are investigating several sites in our bank, (…) due to Panama documents," Deutsche Bank said.

According to the prosecutor's office, on Thursday morning, around 170 magistrates, police and tax agents seized "many written and electronic documents" in Frankfurt, Eschborn, and Gross-Umstad.

Their investigation is aimed at "two employees aged 46 and 50 who have not been disclosed" or "managers who do not have a certain number of companies" suspected of "laundering". money ".

Investigators condemn the suspects for alleged "laundering money laundering against bank fraud in the bank" until April 2016, before the Panama documents dispute. There are quite a few elements in the relationship with these customers.

Only in 2016, the Deutsche Bank prosecutor's office, located in the British Virgin Islands, has supported more than 900 customers representing a business volume of 311 million euros.



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