Thursday , October 21 2021

Burkina Faso government has called for a halt to fuel prices


"The Burkina Faso government unexpectedly took action on correction of hydrocarbon prices on pumps by the Council of Ministers on November 8, 2018," wrote UPC.

Burkina was found on November 9, 1908 after the National Bureau of Political Policy of the Government, including a National Secretariat for Economics, Development and Planning, "the decision to increase the price of gasoline and diesel by 75% has increased by 12% and 14%, respectively.

According to the Zéphirin Diabré party, this measure will be in the context of the dangerous people involved in a complex struggle for the daily survival of the People's Movement Progress (MPP) regime.

"This unilateral and unexpected government decision stands at the back of Burkinaea and requires a challenging analysis of the country's position and management of the WPD."

That's why the UPC strongly criticizes the MPP's efforts to deliver a bitter pill on unstable petrol and diesel prices and encourages it to stop.

From 9 November 2018 to 2016, Super 91 liters with £ 601 sterling will cost £ 677 and diesel prices at 526 FFXs in two years will increase by £ 75, reaching £ 60 per pound sterling.

Adviser to the Minister, Minister of Communications Remis Floess Dandin, explained at the end of last Thursday that the rise in fuel prices was related to various factors, including exogenous costs, including losses. Availability of barrels on the international market, which can grow from a certain point.

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