Sunday , May 22 2022

Champions League – Arbitrage: PSG Curse?


He fell down and looked at the judge and then pulled down the lawn. During the first half of the conflict between Naples and PSG, Juan Bernat entered the gate of the penalty area and continued Maximovic. The defender drags his leg and moves to Spain (72). Bjorn Cuppers, the referee of the game, but not very well-played, does not play PGG, which has a chance to recover first place in the group against Naples (1-1).

"All this is so" (Marquinhos)

At the end of the match, the Parisian players and staff tried to hide their bitter rivals. "Of course, the offside (for Naples) and fine (for Bernat), but we accept it," said Thomas Tuchel. "When I'm on the other side of the steppe, I see that there is a punishment," said Marqueville. The arbitrator is 2 meters away and there is no dog! Brazilian International: "That's a lot. This is always the case in the Champions League. «

with Bjorn Kuipers, it's hard to make a mistake. Tiago Silva also recalled in a mixed area: "I think it was against Chelsea, it was the same. In 2015, he was officially a Dutch referee during the knockout stage (2-2, PSG qualification) against the London club. He was particularly successful in the 31-minute game when Zlatan Ibrahimovic was found guilty of an assault on Swedish Oscar. Gradually, the decline, slowdown, if the guilt is indisputable, the penalty is not equal.

True and especially Predecessor

In the face of this decision, black men in the European evenings may face many problems with the PSW against the oldest clubs in the Old Continent. Unai Emery, like Neyer Al-Khalifi, was angry at the referee during his first match against Real Madrid last season (3-1) last season. In the credo of the club, Mbappé was attacked by defenders of Madrid and was attacked by a fierce attack: two weeks later PSD was eliminated (3 -1, 1-2).

But his most brutal wife in relation to the arbitrator last season and the players and leaders of the PSV are due to strikes that are forced to abandon the renowned "repair" (6-1). The decision of German Denise Aitekin was complicated by the Soviet scenario. Maskerano's hands (11th), the area (85th), and Suarez's fine (91). Several weeks after the match, the referee suspended six months and seventeen matches from UEFA. He plays today in a match between Victoria Plzen and Real Madrid.

PSG fans are constantly feeding PSG. Some major European clubs or league leaders may be reluctant to rely on repetitive statements that have a negative view of the GSP's eastern strategy. However, the argument of "unfavorable arbitration" has these limitations and can not conceal errors in any club game. The Tuchel Team is not released from all forms of humiliation since the start of the European campaign: attacking animation, protective stability, and controlling its emotions – an indispensable argument and even mistake to answer all.

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