Sunday , August 7 2022

Consumers are spying on Google


Seven European consumers accuse Google of engaging in geolocation to Android users.

If you have an Android smartphone, you have enabled Google's geolocation feature to use certain services related to your location. But do you know what the Wen giant did with this data? This is easy: Sign in to your Google Account and see Google Maps in your History. You may be surprised on the map, the full direction of your movement and your position, with substantial hourly accuracy, and for a few days, weeks or months… Certainly, If you include your location history, Google knows when you are, and when. And remember everything, obviously …

In contrast to these controls, seven European consumers' associations are rising today.Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. This was done by a Norwegian association that dropped the powder into the fire Google "Manipulation Technique" Android devices encourage users to enable location tracking and layout features with web and app activity.

According to the Bureau of the European Union of Consumers (BEUC), seven associations, these features let Google collect many personal information to its users: their movements in time, and, of course, more often than not, aggregation and data analysis, their interests and habits. Or make detailed "portraits", including, religious beliefs, political inclinations, or sexual orientationalong with many other things. In short, Big Brother does not name his name. But first of all, it will cause the community to blame, Practice that is fully consistent with the general rules on data protection, known by RGPD, Which came into force on May 25.

Google reserves the right to argue for these supervisory features as being disabled by default – This is a fact and any user can set up or delete the data collected at any time by his or her personal account. The company further explains these functions, first of all, to improve the "user experience", for example, about certain services and local information – traffic. However: For consumer associations, this process is a failure, and most users agree on a regular basis without being aware of it. This fact should be avoided including tracking and location capabilities will not prevent you from knowing where Google saves you smartphones, so users.

Community associations are now inviting them to open a poll. but their actions may be causing complaints and claims. This may result in the subsequent functions as well as the penalty or change. It is an event that can be traced to the privacy of many people

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