Thursday , August 18 2022

Daily newspapers have a presidential vision


Monday, 28 November (APS) – APS announced the election of Macky Sall as a candidate for the Socialist Party (AP) and the Alliance for Progressive Forces (AFP) in the next presidential election and Interview, Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, on the concerns of opposition deputies.

The current president of the Republic held Tuesday the official investment of two political parties, members of the ruling coalition, Benno Bok Yakar (BBY).

"The BBY machine is competing," says investigators all over the place. The newspaper, which first focused on the PS, calls for a "contrasting image of the Eastern president, fed by the liberal grass-funded greenery."

Leopold Cedar Senor, the legendary comrade of Ousmane Tanor Dieng, a company of Macky Sall, stays in the house of his own because for the first time in 40 years, he is not a PS candidate but a liberal obedience, "said the newspaper, . Secretary of State and President of the United States Sel with a photo taken and welcomed his supporters.

The witness also emphasizes this investment through witnesses from the Alliance (APR) representatives in the Republic against the AP and AFP leaders. Speaking about Niass, Mackie praised the "exclusive dimension" of the statesman, and the SS leader demanded "a boldness and a model of his political integrity."

Regardless of the Congress, Le Quotidien chose the theme for this investment. Publication strives to make a "historic" decision to invest in Macky Sall as a candidate for the party in the February 24 presidential election.

The upcoming investment rounds to increase the nomination of the head of state point out the observer on his first page, "Invested with all authority."

"The Socialist Party and the Iraqi Forces Alliance will vote for Benno Bokk, the leader of the Iraqi people. He also received support from the Ulema Federation of Senegal, as well as the Fatik 266 village leaders, "the newspaper said.

Other newspapers are part of the preparations for the next presidential election, which answers the responses of Interior Minister Ali Nguyel Ndia and other issues representing rivals while analyzing their office budget. Ministry for 2019 Fiscal Year.

It is called "South Daily", called "Aly Ngouille Ndiaye". "So far, I organize elections. The election file is good, good, and strong enough to hold good elections, "said Ndie.

On this issue, the LS newspaper has been "uncomfortable" with regard to the concern of the opponents of the overall electoral constituency, the organization of the election and the dismissal. The Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS) nominated candidate, Karim Wade, in the electoral roll.

"Aly Ngouille Ndiaye Classifies All Things", II of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs on the Request for the Appointment of a Neutral Person to Organize the Elections, along with the Propagating of the Voter Furnisher.

Solo, Le Soleil, dwelled on the public disclosure of the debate on the topic of "Respecting the Principles of Ethics in Monopoly and Study of Patents Restricting Drug Trafficking." millions of people around the world. "

"Increasing monopoly on patents", means that Maki Sall shows the beginning of the newspaper by repeating remarks made by Diamniadio at the opening of the first Gallien forum in Africa.


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