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EITI will publish a report on the 2017 fiscal year


XALIMANEWS: "Se? Ga? Gal (CN-EITI Se? Nal Gal), the mining industry committee, announces its own report on the King Fahd Palace on Monday, November 19, 2018, for the fiscal year 2017. The residence of Mahammed Bun, Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Dionn.

Will CN-ETIE offer this meeting? all stakeholders of Senegal are the basis of a constructive dialogue on key issues and governance issues in mining, oil and gas industry in Senegal. Also, in 2017, the main results of the EITI reporting will be shared with the following: "Conducting appropriate training on Tengiz oil, gas and gas sector management improvement". Gal.

Also, the Committee? National EITI Initiative Launched? The Ministry of Justice and the two Partnerships for Good Governance and Child Protection were signed. These two conventions, respectively, relate to the creation of a State Registry of the Actual Owners of the Extractive Industries and the creation of mechanisms that contribute to the project capitalization and implementation. good practice in the development of effective management in the extractive sector.

The report is a comprehensive reference document on systematic management of production sector management in Senegal and strict regulatory and regulatory diagnostics. current management experience. What does he do? publicity of the actual information and? key aspects of the mining sector management, licensing and permitting procedures, volume and scope of production, regulatory, institutional and fiscal basis of the extractive sector, income generated by mining activities, etc.

Participation and Certification Level 100%

The committee? Interested in National EITI? In the framework of EITI reporting for 2017, 18 companies producing or exploration in the mining cadastre, 8 production or exploration, included in the oil and gas register in 2017, and state revenue declaration from 9 state and 1 extractive companies.

In the EITI statement, all selected companies have the necessary information: the development of this report. Are these remarks heard? certified by the external auditor. In addition, the state bodies also presented the completed forms. Certified by the Audit Court.

Let's remind, "What? Gal "? announcing Two reports for 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. The committee? The National EITI supports the mobilization of public services and extrabudgetary companies. support for transparency in the management of mineral, oil and gas and natural gas resources.

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