Sunday , August 14 2022

Election Federation and Sponsorship: FRN will be held on Thursday


Monday, Nov. 28 (APS) – The Social-Democratic Front of the National Struggle (FRN, the opposition), a major march, scheduled for Wednesday, 15th, was included in the voter registry and refused to sponsor candidates for the February 24 presidential election.

Front members of the opposition parties said at a press briefing that this route will be held between Obelisk Square and Senegal Radio (RTS, Public).

"We can ask for a verification of the voter register if necessary, and we believe that our rights and sponsorship systems do not comply with the law," said Omar Sarr, National Coordinator of the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS, opposition).

The law must be respected, he said, "we fight for it."

He said there would be many banners written on "all the requirements of the opposition" when walking.

"We want the law to be respected," said Bruno D'Erneville, "We will run the election campaign tomorrow and during the presidential election." Leader of the Civic Action Party (PAC) and a member of the Front.

Members of the Socio-Democratic Front have violated the draft law on national electoral racism, which is currently under consideration in the National Assembly. Deputies want the bill to be rejected.

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