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# FIAD2019 – HASAN OURIAGLI, CEO AL MADA: "We are in the foreground of inventor (…)



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First of all, let us recall that Al Mada, the "Positive Impact" of the Private Investment Fund, a Pan-African business, because of being "And in the long run, it means its social responsibility Hasan OURIAGLI "The company, the investment fund, in general, spoke about the strong link of any economic entity, territories and the people who carry out its activity. However, in the past, this reference and this trace can not be abandoned, suffered, or lived.

The model was "unacceptable"

Thus, the company was engaged in simple economic philosophy: economic success, the key to its long-term commitment and the justification of the company's mission. "

The positive impact of the company has only been won, the guarantee was positive, « to be good « and his social activity has been equated with the form of paternalism or charity. "

Throughout the centuries, he has been pre-testing the so-called Anglo-Saxon Capitalism, which he has implanted in the world. The model is related to profitableness, so the company's financial performance and social concern, general director aboutAL Mada said in a statement "This was the company's concept as an actor subordinate to simple economic imperatives. It is not socially acceptable. It is no longer ecologically clean. «

From " sustainable development »To« positive development «

In contrast, the growth model general director aboutAL Mada This " positive development «Wider than size» sustainable development "It gives a unique reference to the environmental aspects and evaluates it. "It is for us that development" pleasant If it is both ecologically and socially sustainable, – Hasan Ouriagli says.

And explain how AL Mada, which is the main shareholder of the stock Attijariwafa Bank and with more than 40,000 employees in its various contexts, "a" positive impact factor "has long-term dynamic inclusion, translating its principles into a" real economy ".

For example, "creating quality jobs, decent working conditions, good social protection, retirement contributions". For example, supporting the Moroccan purchasing power at the "best prices" through a supermarket chain, PearlThere are 55 million clients a year. For example, by opening areas and promoting local development (especially in mining) Managemor with renewable energy Nareva, with wind power of 1,650 megawatts, annually consumes up to 8 million Moroccan consumers, about a quarter of the population of the kingdom.

For example, by making publicly accessible financial services: Attijariwafa Bank, Al Mada's shareholder 1St such as a banking network in the French speaking region and its subsidiaries HISBAB BIKHIRallows you to touch people who are not yet bankrupt …

No. Plenary SessionFIAD2019. © Ghita Homiri #FIAD2019

From the "Positive" to " positive capitalism «

There are many "positive effects" that need to be added to such commitments Al Mada Foundationeducation, entrepreneurship and culture, as well as associations Injaz al-Magrib which is aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship among young people.

"Where we decide to invest, we are we aim to achieve this goal in a business: to build wealth I contribute to the common good by strengthening the social fabric and strengthening respect for human dignity and nature, "says Hassan Uroyaigli.

Here is a question about the source of the future debate of the company,FIAD2019, Hassan Wariagli The movement of ideas that begins in the West gives powerful laws for the future words that come out in Africa: Public benefit corporations »Profit and common interests ; In Europe, the movement is expanding Community benefit »Italian,« Public interest companies Or in the United Kingdom « to be a company « In France.

Having heard that Africa often needs to be remembered, it can find "opportunity." « quantum leap « : Prepare the train, accept the model of today and make it more effective … positive.«

Currently this model is " Positive impression "It is rarely encountered in Africa, Hassan Ouaragli receives. So, "Al Madas hopes to build a simple path. We are avant-garde– Hasan Ouriagli says.
And if positive result It is a sign of African economic vision, we will work collectively to fully answer the questions that unite us «» positive capitalism « We all want.

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