Thursday , August 11 2022

France published its research plan in artificial intelligence


A year after the plan was to develop an artificial intelligence, France has created a resource strategy for a research component of Toulouse today, worth a billion euros.

France has been actively working for self-development in the field of artificial intelligence for one year. Last March, President Emmanuel Macron urged Mathematician and MP Cedric Vilani to provide strategic advice and reports in this area, seeking to make the country "a leader of artificial intelligence." There are three strategic axes, including the dissemination of French innovation between individuals and public actors, the French vote on ethical debate about artificial intelligence, and the national expertise of the world class.

In this final part, the government represents the strategy of November 28. Secretary of State for Higher Education and Science Frederick Vidal and Digital Mounir Mahjoubi today announced the main trends of national research strategy in artificial intelligence in Toulouse. It is expected that budget expenditures will be increased to $ 665 million by 2022. And the total budget is about $ 1 billion. Investments from the private sector to the euro are from the government side. "France and Germany together with Germany and France are capable of competing with France and China" in six major areas.


One of the most important components of the plan is the "3AA" interdisciplinary centers, which combine public and private research and are the "flagship" IA plan. Four of the universities are Paris, Toulouse, Grenoble and Nice. They will be financially valued at € 300 million by issuing 3IA labels at the end of January 2019. It comes from one hundred million euro companies.

Apart from these clusters, the government plans to open 40 new artificial intelligence departments in French universities. INRIA is responsible for coordinating this national program. Financing of 300 new doctoral students per year is planned for 2022. This will encourage basic research and applied research, but algorithmic instability or health and mobility are the priority. The budget of the Technological Research Institutes (IRT) is 130 million euros.

Finally, by 2022, the government plans to provide 200 million euros for access to research resources for researchers. Otherwise, you can not repeat the experiment and achieve new scientific achievements. The Idris Laboratory in Sacle in Paris, CNRS 2019, sees the emergence of a new supercomputer, part of which is reserved for artificial intelligence. The machine will have the full estimated power of 10 petaflops (about 10 million million units per second).

The plan proposed by the government also provides $ 115 million for cooperation with Germany and 100 million euros for targeted research programs for the "Big Challenges".

Talent War

If the government was engaged in this way, artificial intelligence emerged as a power problem. In the 1950s, Alan Turing, who was born on the side of his father and cybernetics fathers, is now associated with military power or economy because he is a branch of industry and enterprises that are artificial in the future. The states and companies will compete with statements about how to win the race. In geopolitics, some researchers feel the impact of the cold war on the "moment of the satellite": "Everybody surpasses the success of the other party. The United States has fought China and has resisted the USSR through space collapse, "said Charles Tibut, a researcher at the Institute for International and Strategic Studies (Iris), a geopolitical expert on emerging technologies.

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France is one of the leading countries in the field of research, despite waking up late in developing a coherent strategy. Its engineers, doctors, and professors are attracting large global corporations using their talent for their artificial intelligence research labs. Several major technologies in technology have set up centers such as France, Google, Samsung, IBM, Fujitsu, Huawei or Facebook.

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