Saturday , January 28 2023

In the first half, all the green results were made


Good result for a subsidiary of Total in Senegal. According to the company's data, in the first half of 2018, it received tax on $ 5,407 billion, or approximately US $ 9,191 million. This is a congratulatory message from all Senegal officials. According to them, in comparison with the previous year, the number of transactions amounted to 2 392 billion tenge. US dollars (79.3% of ordinary income before taxes in the first half of 2017, 3.015 billion tenge).

Regarding general taxation of Senegal at the end of June 2018, it also recorded a sharp increase of 21 percent compared to $ 152.488 billion CFA, which was recorded on June 30, 2017, against 184.892 billion francs a year ago. According to Total Senegal's management, this figure is due to a 16.9% increase in sales of the company in the domestic market, from January to June 2018, reaching 307,680 tonnes, with 263,306 tonnes in 2017.

Dynamic for support

As a result, the French team announced that it would implement an operational improvement plan that is consistent with its dynamism and know-how. Generally speaking, Senegal shows that the company should continue to have the same dynamics, increasing its market performance, and is a leader in fuel distribution.

Total Senegal serves a large network of 175 service stations in Senegal as well as serves business customers. The general category belongs to 69.1% and has been registered on the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM) since February 2015.

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